Are you celebrating a birthday or engagement? Are you having a fun family get-together? We would love to help you celebrate your special moments and are excited to offer two beautiful spaces ensuring we can cater for any occasion. Our Private Dining Suite is designed to allow for up to 20 guests. Our Private Events […]


Dim Sum is closely associated with the tradition of ‘yum cha’or ‘drinking tea.’ Originating with the Cantonese in Southern China, ‘yum cha’ has come to be a relaxing afternoon respite as well as a loud and happy dining experience. At Jun Ming Xuan we offer our guests four types of customary Chinese tea to accompany […]

26 Jun

Chinese Cuisine: History Chinese cooking is one of the most ancient and varied global cuisines. Each of the 23 provinces within China has its own cooking style – from the fiery heat of the Sichuan, Hunan and Jiangzi provinces to the mutton and lamb dishes in Beijing. Of all the Chinese regions, it is the […]